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    Site Rules

    Post by InfinityZX on 18/02/09, 11:25 pm

    Inappropriate language
    No swearing at other members

    No Flaming
    Do not flame other members

    No Spamming
    Do not spam topics or bump really old topics

    Inappropriate material
    Pornographic material of any sort is not permitted unless its for a joke in the spam section. Violent material may occasionally be permitted unless it's too violent. Juvenile pornography is illegal and all information will be delivered to the authorities if you post any.

    Multiple Accounts
    Do not impersonate other people

    Sticky threads and announcements
    Make sure to check the sticky threads

    If you post or present someone else's work give them the credit.

    Do not beg for something from admins or moderators

    No scamming other members

    No illegal material is to be uploaded onto the server or linked to it in any manner.

    Please do not make similar names to any moderator, super moderator or administrator.

    Off topic
    Do not go off topic

    Failure to post in the appropriate section is not permitted. Sections were made to give order to the forum.

    Do not ask other people for their ages

    If you do not follow these rules you will get one of these.

    1. Warning
    2. More than 3 warnings will give you temporary ban
    3. If you are been banned two or more will get permanent banned
    4. If you get another permanent ban your I.P address will be blocked.

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