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    Up coming Games WWE:SD VS RAW 2010

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    Up coming Games WWE:SD VS RAW 2010

    Post by Lelouch on 03/03/09, 12:31 am

    In the year 2010.....

    1. Gene Snitsky will regain his World Heavyweight Championship from Edge, making Snitsky a 4 time champion.

    2. The divorce papers will be finalized between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Triple H will get back together with Chyna.

    3. The 7th Annual Diva Search will be conducted. The highlight is when the competitors eat cake and ice cream from Kamala's buttcrack.

    4. Ever since Randy Orton was forced to retire in 2007 after the freak accident with the pickle slicer, in 2010 he will be promoted to head of Diva talent relations.

    5. Warrior -- having come out of the closet in 2008 -- will become the head of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

    More coming soon




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