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    Combat Arms News

    Post by Lelouch on 01/03/09, 12:20 am

    As we near the end of winter, Central Command is gearing up for a dangerous spring. Operation: Death Room is an all out clash of firepower in an underground facility to keep bio-chemical weapons from being leaked into a civilian population. To survive you are going to need new weapons, more protection...and a hint of national pride. And the two ongoing Combat Arms contests are in full swing: Submit your screenshots for a chance to win NX and GP in our Weekly Screenshot Contest; and pit your skills against the GMs in GM Live for a chance to win NX and items.

    New War Zone – Operation: Death Room

    Engage in close quarters elimination combat on what might very well be a suicide mission. Only the best make it out alive. The rest come home in a box.



    New NX Items & Gear

    -- M416 CQB Primary Weapon
    -- Desert Eagle SE Secondary Weapon
    -- Patriot Cap (U.S.) Head Gear
    -- Patriot Cap (Canada) Head Gear
    -- Patriot Cap (Australia) Head Gear
    -- Patriot Cap (New Zealand) Head Gear
    -- Patriot Cap (Brazil) Head Gear

    M416 CQB Desert Eagle SE

    Patriot Cap (U.S.) Patriot Cap (Canada) Patriot Cap (Australia)

    Patriot Cap (New Zealand) Patriot Cap (Brazil)

    New GP Rank Gear

    -- M416 Primary Weapon (at rank Master Sergeant I)
    -- Desert Eagle Secondary Weapon (as rank Master Sergeant III)
    -- Tomahawk Melee Weapon (at rank Command Sergeant Major V)
    -- PBF Gas Mask Face Gear (at rank Command Sergeant Major IV)

    M416 Desert Eagle

    Tomahawk PBF Gas Mask

    Other Updates

    -- Kamara's speed has been corrected to match the stats for a Heavy Vest.
    -- Map glitches in Sand Hog and other maps have been repaired.
    -- Hack protection has been increased.
    -- The carry quantity for the M67 standard grenade has been reduced to one (1) for game balance.
    -- Snowball Fight Game Mode Event has ended.
    -- Modification Shop glitch has been fixed.

    Weekly Screenshot Contest

    Your reconnaissance has proven to be vital in our campaigns abroad, soldiers. Keep up the good work. Send us your Combat Arms screenshots for a chance to win GP and NX. For complete details on the Weekly Screenshot Contest, including Rules and Regulations and how to enter, click HERE.

    And be sure to check out this week’s winner on the Combat Arms main page.

    GM Live

    Do you have the skills to take down the Military Police of Combat Arms? We’re continuing to look for good soldiers willing to tackle the most dangerous mission of all…fighting the Combat Arms GMs. In the coming weeks, during predetermined time slots, GMs will be creating special rooms somewhere in one of the Combat Arms game servers. They challenge you to find them, join them and face them down in combat!

    Click HERE for the schedule and more details!

    - Combat Arms Command -



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