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    Current hack 2/26/09


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    Current hack 2/26/09

    Post by Henry on 27/02/09, 12:10 am


    Im doing this post in the hospital while doing homework yeah... I can play combat arms , I'm logged in with this hack but I'm pretty sure one of you guys know this hack so I'm just going to leech and releases here.

    This is called "Simple Chams 1.2"

    This hack includes.
    -NO FOG(working)
    -SPEED HACK(working) and has up to 8 different speeds.

    Read the readme folder inside the hack(ignore the step where it tells you to place the d3dx file into your systems 32 folder. Only place it in the combat arms folder. And also make sure to run the hack before opening combat arms. A wierd website should come up but just click out of it.
    Now all you should see is a command prompt window with some writing in it (keep command prompt open). Now run combat arms and you should be fine.Press insert to see the hacks and move your left and right arrows to enable the hacks and disable the hacks.

    How to download :
    ( The hack itself )
    mediafire.com ?rwmnjimdqk4

    -What's Asus?-
    Asus is like wallhack meaning you can see through walls as if the walls are invisible. It's really useless without chams , so I suggest to turn it off , if you turn it on you'll see . It's really useless , it's not like Opk or aimbot...


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